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London Creative Club is pleased to offer regular literary events (live on Zoom and in person), usually on Friday evenings or the weekend.

Our next series is 'A Winter with Tolstoy' hosted by Anna Rioland. Dates for this are:

Session 1 - Leo Tolstoy - A Mysterious Giant

Thursday 25 November, 7.30-9pm

Fee: £10 

Session 2 - Anna Karenina - A Perfect Novel

Friday 10 December, 7.30 -9pm

Fee: £10

Session 3 - War & Peace - A Literary Monument

Friday 28 January, 7.30pm - 9pm

Fee: £10

In early 2022, Anna will also be doing a new, two-part series on Mikhail Bulgakov.  Dates will be Friday 14 January and Friday 18 February.  

We are excited to launch our first literary walk, hosted by Laura Adams, a professional 'Blue Badge Tour Guide.  See below for more info.

Bloomsbury Literary Walk

Date tbc soon!

Guided tour fee: £15

Beautiful Bloomsbury with its garden squares, Georgian architecture, hidden corners and reputation for world-class education, has been a magnet for great literary figures, including a number of exceptional and trailblazing women.


On our walk we'll explore how the renowned Bloomsbury Group made such a profound impact and, as we walk through peaceful Tavistock Square, we'll discuss the life of Virginia Woolf and her sister, artist Vanessa Bell.


We’ll hear tales of novelist and philanthropist Mary Ward (who founded the anti-suffrage movement!), discover a gentle dreamer who wrote children’s stories, before being recruited as a special agent in World War II and meet Mary Prince, who escaped enslavement to become the first woman of colour to write an autobiography.


The tour ends in fascinating Mecklenburgh Square, home to numerous pioneering intellectuals. Delve with us into a leafy and learned oasis to be inspired by a plethora of great literary figures!


After the tour, you're welcome to join us for a drink around the corner at The Lady Ottoline!

Our Tour Guide, Laura Adams

Enthusiastic and fun, Laura Adams is an experienced London Blue Badge Tourist Guide, former actress and storyteller. She loves to impart her knowledge of London in an engaging way and to bring the city to life. She has a special interest in women’s history (or her-story) and literature.


During lockdown she founded Women Inspire, a podcast and blog which seeks to shine a spotlight on remarkable women past and present, many of whom have gone unrecognised or been forgotten.

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Literary Lead

Anna Rioland is a London-based translator and foreign languages teacher. She runs her own translation company Meridian Translations and works as a German and Russian tutor at CityLit and Morley College. Languages and literature are her main passion which she tries to communicate to her students.

Anna worked in publishing for the first half of her career, after having graduated from the University of Heidelberg in Germany and the Paris Business School ESCP. She has a multicultural and multilingual background as she lived and worked in Russia, Germany, France and England for many years.